Campaign to 90,000 Email

Dear Support,
I want to send campaign to 90,000 Email, but it takes much time to be sent to all
We want to divide it to groups:

  1. We want to divide the campaign into groups
  2. How many emails do you suggest in every group, what is the maximum ?

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Jaber,

Sending in groups won’t make it go out any faster.
You can pick any size you want (i’d suggest setting a cron job to automatically process the queue and the bounces).


Hi Danwaterloo,

Thank you for your reply,

Actually I get stuck in it, I made groups of 10,000 emails for each group
I am trying to send the same campaign to every group alone and when I press on Process the Queue the screen will stop in the Stop Processing page

So, I want to ask is it sending the campaign, while I am seeing that screen ? because it stays the whole day like that

Thank you for support

Best Regards,