Campaign template with autoresponder

It appears a campaign template can be used in a multiple autoresponder campaigns. Any reason why it should not be?

Also, because of both the html and text versions, tables should not be used as the text version is not reading it. FYI

(Duncan, I posted this in a new thread to help those who may have a question about templating with autoresponder.)

The autoresponder plugin doesn’t use the content of a campaign so it shouldn’t matter whether a template is used or not. I’m not sure why you think it might be a problem.

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I should have clarified. In my campaign template, I have a signature under [CONTENT], attempting to treat it like an html “include” file.
For the autoresponders, I chose this campaign template. In the html version, the campaign template works, but does not in the text version with pulling the signature in.
But removing the campaign template in the “format” tab, and putting my signature directly in the campaign, the text version recognizes it.

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