Campaign isn't running when started through CronJob with 3.3.1

I have been using phplist started via a cronjob with the version prior to 3.3.x (I believe it was 2.7.1 or something)

I passed on 3.3.0 (always wait for the dot one release =)

I upgraded to 3.3.1 and now I can’t get my list to send via the cronjob. Did the syntax for the cronjob update at all? Known issue?

Cron job can mean a lot of different things…
What does your cron job command look like?

Sure. Sorry about that.

php -q /home/site/public_html/mail/admin/index.php -pprocessqueue -c/home/site/public_html/mail/config/config.php >/dev/null

This command worked fine before, but doesn’t seem to start the process as of 3.3.1

So it seems as the cronjob does kickoff my testing list/campaign, but when I have a big list of subscribers it seems to be at a standstill. I used to be able to see 3600/per hour in the active campaign list while it was sending, but I don’t see that now. Does anyone know if this was removed in the update?

Do you have any idea what could be going on. I have a campaign just sitting there, the cronjob started but it doesn’t budge.