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Campaign finished too early (after 200, 300 or 400 emails out of 2498)


I reported this problem last year but it has not been addressed.

I think that you need to manually suspend the campaign then mark it as “sent”. Otherwise phplist will continually try to send it.


thank you for your kind and quick reply. The main issue is that we must send that campaign, if we mark it as “sent” the message will not be worked out.


@daf As you are using the Segment plugin, phplist has already sent to all subscribers who meet the conditions. Can you confirm that is the case?


There are 18 campaign in “Active” status, most of them use the Segment Plugin and it seems that the filtered messages are submitted when the queue is processed and the process reaches the end.
Most of the time however, the process stops before the end and the log says " Warning: script never reached stage 5 This may be caused by a too slow or too busy server".


@daf Sorry but I don’t understand your reply.

If you look at the Active tab then you will see how the number of subscribers that a campaign has been sent. For at least one campaign, and possibly more, that should be the number of subscribers who match the segment conditions. In that case you should suspend the campaign and mark it as sent.



we can’t, unfortunately, mark those campaigns as ‘sent’ because we need they are always in ‘active’ state. We set the segmentation plugin as to select subscriber on the basis of the Entered Date so that the campaign is sent only to new subscibers after a specified number of day after this.
Example: new subscriber receives a message after 1 day, after 7 and after 14. Those campaigns have to stay always active, ready to send message to news subscribers that fulfil the conditions.
We’re being advised to perform a PHPLIST downgrade, could an older version of PHPLIST be more compatible?
Thank you in advance.


Hi Daf,
Yeap, my problem was gone a year ago. Unfortunately I don’t remember the details anymore. I presume solution was the one I described in this discussion a year ago.


@daf I might have misunderstood what your problem actually is. Please can you explain exactly what is not working?

I can reproduce the warning “Warning: script never reached stage 5”. The message is marked correctly as “sent”. On the next run of processqueue it is changed to “submitted”, which means that it should be sent again.