Campaign ends with "Campaign deleted" no mails send

User has been creating a campaign with a list of 1200+ subscribers.

When she sends the list, it end with “campaign delete”

The campaign is still active and it says 0 mails.

I was not the one to send it, but I am asked what went wrong… From what I see the campaign has been correctly setup, and the test list she did worked great.

Version v3.3.1

Any ideas?

Regards, Lars.

This might have been mistranslated. Look at the event log page for any relevant messages.

“Systems”, “Log of events”?

Can’t find anything from her there.

But I just clicked the campaign through and without changing anything it works fine for me.

I am using English language, she is using Danish. This is the only difference I can tell.

Regards, Lars.

It does seem to be a mistranslation. When changing to English, the response it “Campaing added”, but the user does not get a chance to process it. When I log in as an administrator, I can the process the queue.

This user is not an Administrator, but all tick boxes in her account is ticked. Even the one saying permission to send campaigns.

What is missing?

(I will start at new thread on this)

Regards, Lars.