Campaign does not start

After having tested phplist (version 3.2.0, Apache/2.2.22 -Ubuntu PHP/5.3.10-1ubuntu3.21) on my linux server at home, I put it in production on two hosted server (phplist version 3.2.1 - PHP Version 5.4.16 and phplist version 3.2.3 - PHP Version 5.4.16).
Everything looks fine, test mails are sent perfectly, pages are ok but … once I start a campaign no messages are sent :frowning:

Both installations were performed by Softaculous which only asks to define cron timing (no additional details)
In one case I put 0-59/5 * * * * (as I did in my local server)
In the second one I defined 0-59/10 * * * *

Other settings are:
define(‘MAX_PROCESS_MESSAGE’, 999);
define(‘MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE’, 250);

I’ve opened a ticket on this issue with the provider, asking to double check the cron settings.
Is there something else I can check on my side to try to sort this issue out ?
Thank you

Hi guys,
the problem is the cron job … My provider says it is not possible to set it.

I understand that provides that kind of service, but it is quite impossible for me at this stage to ask my customers to move on it, I’m sorry …

So said, is there a kind soul here that can help me to solve this issue out ?

It seems that the only way to handle scheduled task is through this:

(btw 30 minutes is the smallest choice)

Any idea ?

Thank s a lot !

If you are restricted to using a URL then you will need to use remote queue processing as described here
But I am not sure how effective that will be because phplist will process the queue only for one minute elapsed. Then nothing will happen for 29 minutes.

If you are running only one phplist then you can register with If you are running some sort of application service with multiple instances of phplist then you probably need a better hosting service.

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thank you duncanc, I totally agree with you

just to give it a try, according to that documents to process queue is


so I assume that to process bounces could be


Am I right ?