Campaign click statistics and URL click statistics


In all the campaigns I have sent so far, I get ‘There are currently no statistics available’ for both ‘Campaign click statistics’ and ‘URL click statistics’. This cannot be true as I have sent test campaigns and clicked the URLs within the campaigns. How can I make sure these features are enabled?


@rezdan Are you sending test messages when editing the campaign? The tracking applies only when you send the campaign, i.e. submit it and process the queue.

You need to have user tracking and click tracking enabled in your config.php file, but they are enabled by default.

@duncanc Thanks for your reply. For test purposes, I have created a list with my email in the list.
I have sent a test campaign to myself. Oddly enough, neither in the test campaign nor in the real campaigns I have sent to others, there is anything for ‘Campaign click statistics’ and ‘URL click statistics’. The message for these statistics is ‘There are currently no statistics available.’ Even ‘Clicks’ in ‘Statistics overview’ is 0 for all the campaigns I have sent so far.

@rezdan Add this line to your config.php file, or if it is already present with a value of 0 then change the 0 to 1

define('CLICKTRACK', 1);

When you receive the email hover your mouse over one of the links. The target should be your phplist installation, something like

If you send the campaign to the TEST list however you get the statistics available?

Yes, statistics are also recorded for test campaigns, though they can be reset when you place the campaign in the queue for sending.