Bounces with users

I am using the hosted service from phpList and we are facing an issue. We get all our contacts under the following email domain “” automatically bounced. Do you have any idea why is refusing our email deliveries? Is this kind of error usual with phpList?


Hi, welcome to the forums.

As you are using the phpList Hosted service, the best place to get a solution is to use the hosted ticket system.

Hello @Dragonrider,

Actually it was really difficult to get a feedback from the phpList Hosted service…
That is why I had decided to ask for help here in the forum.


I’m sorry to hear that, but that’s the place to ask as many of us who help out on the forums, don’t use the hosted service so don’t know the ins and outs specific to that.

Ok, thank you.

But in general what should we do if we receive reports of no-delivery (bounced) messages to people having their email from one specific domain after sending a campaign? How can we correct this situation?
I am still asking before I am still studying if we should have our own server (outside of the hosted service) or not… so I would like to study ahead how this situation could be fixed, in order to take a good decision.