"Bounces-To:" Problem

I’m Having a problem with a recipient of emails. His mail server rejects any email with bounces in the header. Therefore mails are with “Bounces-To:” in the header are being rejected. They are not bounced, the server simply adds them to a folder only visible to the admins and of course does not deliver then to the intended recipient. This is a local government server and I’m let to believe that all local government (and government) mail servers follow the same rules.

The obvious question is can I some how change “Bounces-To:” in the header to something else? Perhaps “Returns:” or anything other than “Bounces-To:”?

Having searched the entire system for Bounces-To, it appears only once and that is in class.phplistmailer.php. I see there is a note which says ## one to work on at a later stage and that is to change Bounces-To for Return-Receipt-To. Having made that change, it certainly achieves the desired result as far as the header is concerned, however further testing is required to see if bounces still function correctly.

My limited testing of this seems to show no ill effects and bounce handling seems to be working correctly. Hopefully those that know far better than I can shed some light on the topic.

On my system, I use the ‘$message_envelope’ setting to set the bounce mailbox.
At that point, the “From:” becomes the address where the replies are sent.

It might be something you would want to look at…


I certainly am using ‘$message_envelope’ to set the bounce mailbox. This is now set to not_got_through@address.com
The real problem is having bounces in the header as this was being bounced systems.
I have not realised that using Return-Receipt-To is not a good idea as this is a specific header. I’ve now changed that to Return-Path which seems to be working fine.