Bounces arriving in the wrong mail box

Hi everyone,
I got a problem with bounces messages : they arrive in my from/reply to adress instead of the specific listbounces@ mailbox ? What’s did I miss with my config ?


@jlba in the config.php file you need to uncomment this line and change it to the bounce email address

// $message_envelope = 'listbounces@yourdomain';

@duncanc That’s what I did but it doesn’t work.

@jlba You will need to look at the headers of a bounce to see how it was returned. Otherwise raise the problem with your hosting company.

All mails are tagged with


For now, I could create a sieve filter based on X-GND-Status = BOUNCE which redirects the mail to the right mailbox.

But I still don’t know why the right email adress is not directly used.