Bounce report issue

799 pages for a bounce report about 30 user is a bit redundant, in my opinion … :wink:
(btw phplist is running under https …)

I attach just the first portion of it (63 pages only for 3 mail addresses)
Bounce (271.7 KB)

Anyone else know if this is normal? I have no idea, I use the .com service. If it’s not normal, then maybe a bug report is in order.

Do you process your bounces via a cron job? I have noticed that one needs to process the bounce, and delete the bounce, otherwise it gets processed over and over, and you have an unsubscribe event for each running of the bounce process.

It would be nice if a bounce that processed sucessfully was marked so that it was not processed again, AND you could go in and look at the actual bounce message after it was processed.

thanks Dan,
yes, i use a cron job. I just copied/pasted the example in the manual.
pls. consider that the bounces processed are the SUM of all bounces in history (!!) and the bounce mailbox is empty.
yes, it would be definitely nice to sort this out …
Any idea ? :blush:

I’ll submit a feature request…


In the meantime … is there a command to delete bounces using a cron or remote processing ?