Bounce Processing - Cannot create POP3 connection

Never had this problem before. Recently started using Cloudflare. Now when I try to process bounces i get this message: Cannot create POP3 connection to Connection failed to,110: Connection timed out
Identifying consecutive bounces
total of -1 subscribers processed

Also get this: Database error 2006 while doing query MySQL server has gone away

So my bounces never process but everything else works perfectly. Mail-outs go without a problem. Bounces are in the mailbox but never processed. Got rules setup that have always worked. I have set set my mail folder to bypass cloudflare. No difference. Tried various config settings. Still not working. Read all the old forum post about this problem and non of the suggestions make a difference. I’m puzzled… probably so simple I cant see it… Web host is running php 5.5.30 and mysql 5.6.23. I’ve tried various browsers from varous ip’s.

This suggests there is something wrong with the bounce account details in your config file

$bounce_mailbox_host = 
$bounce_mailbox_user = 
$bounce_mailbox_password = 

and this message

Database error 2006 while doing query MySQL server has gone away

means that there are too many bounces in the phplist database to process, and phplist takes too long.

I wish that were the case. That was the first thing I checked. This has to do with cloudflare. I redirected my domain nameservers to bypass cloudflare and that fixed everything. Here is the result:

175 done
Closing mailbox, and purging messages
Processing bounces based on active bounce rules
23 bounces processed by advanced processing
200 bounces were not matched by advanced processing rules
Identifying consecutive bounces
total of 1579 subscribers processed

So,to use cloudflare something has to be setup differently. I have searched cloudflare documentation and forums, this forum, and my hosting service, and found nothing. Surely I’m not the first phplist user to also use cloudflare.

What am I missing?