Blacklisting - happens constantly?

I have been tweaking my config for about 2 weeks. It is setup with all the autothrottling settings. It is sending just below 300msg/hr at suggestion of our ip admin.

I don’t know if we are creating the blacklisting, or isp has spam trojans on their server. ISP admin has been working with us tracking any trojans down, and deleting or quarantee them.

He indicated that there is a hacking problem with other customers using WordPress scripts. He is working on fixing them.

So far, the longest we have managed to stay off CBL, Spamhause, and Lashback is 3 days…despite manual removals.

I just tried a short run, and all 150 msgs. bounced.

I still don’t know if it’s our msgs, or something else creating the blacklist constantly.

Anybody else having these problems, or any suggestions ?


If you are having alot of bounces, and wonder if you are blacklisted go here to check:

just to clarify, the blacklisting you are talking about is when you are listed on spam black lists.

there are many possible reasons for this… such as people that receive the email forward it to these public blacklisting websites, or someone else is sending emails from the same ip addresss, etc.

your best bet is to make sure your configure your identity properly (DKIM, SPF, DMARC, from: and envelope_from: address), and then start sending at a slow rate, make sure you are only sending to double opt-in addresses, and be sure to follow all of the CAN-AM Spam rules (opt out instructions, etc;.)

It’s a lot easier to get on these lists then to get off of them. You might need to petition to get off their lists, stop sending until you are off of the blacklists. At that point, you can wait, and if your ip address is blacklisted again without you sending anything, you know it is due to other emails going out from the same server. In that case, you should change servers. Once this is all figured out, you can then start sending again, being extra careful to start slowly.

I’ve discovered that our shared ip is clean from any blacklists. However our upstream ip (or the owner of the ip blocks) is now on 4 blacklists. That means even though we’re clean, but under the upstream, we are being penalized…little guys suffer.

Bummer! I guess that’s the nature of the Internet these days

Just reading up on a few older posts, thought I can add.

From experience the biggest thing that gets you blacklisted, beside a bunch of users clicking the spam button, is not having your rDNS PTR Records set up correctly. If you don’t know what that is I suggest you read up on it. You can test your PTR records using one of the better online Mail Testers

More and more mail providers are become strict with the this like AOL. There’s a blacklist called that will blacklist you, if your rDNS doesn’t match your return path (Which means anyone using those other email platforms to send mail will get listed on it)