Blacklisted by the invitation plugin


I have done a “cleaning” on my list by blacklisting everyone and sending out an invite for people to join up again so I have a lot of blacklisted users.

I am noticing that when someone tries to subscribe with a blacklisted email no confirmation is sent. I assume that users should be able to “unblacklist” themselves by simply trying to subscribe again. Is this assumption wrong?



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No, your assumption is correct. As far as I know, confirmation emails should be sent again when they resubscribe. Not 100% sure about that though.

Thank you @samtuke!

For now I will simply delete all of the blacklisted users so they will not be prevented from resubscribing.

Depending on how how you delete them, that probably won’t work. phpList is designed to protect subscribers who have unsubscribed, even after they’ve been deleted. See the chapter of the phpList manual on this subject.

Yes, you are right. It does not solve the issue. Hmm…

Is there a way to reset the database?

I had tried deleting the user with the little trash icon.

When I used the big guns in the “Reconcile Subscribers” page (i.e. Delete all blacklisted subscribers )
I was able to resubscribe an address that had been blacklisted before.

So case closed. :slight_smile:

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