Background Colour Problem with powerd by phpList icon

I don’t have a problem creating templates with an other than white background for the page and in most email clients “powered by phpList” at the bottom is is on the chosen background colour. However in Yahoo mail the section at the bottom containing “powered by phpList” is white, not the template colour. Does anyone know how to fix this or is there a default css that I need to change?

phplist places the “powered by” section (a div element) after the message content, so will probably be outside any div or table structure that you have in the template. But you should be able to use the placeholder [SIGNATURE] within the template. phplist will replace that with the “powered by” section and it might then use your styles.

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We should add that the the docs I guess

As the saying goes “I never know you could do that!” Many thanks, problem solved.

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