Autoresponder not sending messages at all in PHPList 3.3.3 how can i solve this error and sent mail?

Hello PHPList Team,

I installed latest version of PHP list 3.3.3

All seems to work fine. After configuring the all system I managed to create and test a sample manually campaign and it succeeded.

This is my cronjob

/usr/local/bin/php -q /home/*****/public_html/lists/admin/index.php -p processqueue -c 

Then waited for 5 minutes, even 5+ more minutes , the plugin then shows one subscriber ready and already sent not after 5 mins. or even not set 1 . its always 0

I then ran processqueue and the campaign was not sent to the subscriber.

The screenshot shows 2 subscribers ready, not 1. Please clarify what you mean.

Also, please confirm that you have the latest versions of the Autorespnder plugin and Common plugin installed. You can check that on the Manage Plugins page.
Do you have any other plugins installed, apart from the editors? If so which ones?

Can you enable verbose output in the config.php file. Either add or update the existing line
define('VERBOSE', true);
Then run processqueue from the cron job again, and show the extra output from the event log page.

Thanks for your positive reply.

I m using Autoresponder version3.0.6+20180714 and yes Common plugin is installed.

Do you have any other plugins installed, apart from the editors? If so which ones?
Yes , CKEditorPlugin is enable and fckphplist is disable in my script.

define(‘VERBOSE’, 0); is false, i enable it to define(‘VERBOSE’, true);

I am send only 2 mails but it will be displayed It took 1 hours 29 minutes 59 seconds to send this message

I need to see the entries in the event log when processqueue is run by the cron job (not run manually through the browser).

See this attachment.

Please download it and zoom it.

Eventlog Table

@vijay.zestard Take one of the email addresses such as your own gmail address and find the value of the modified column in the listuser table.

Look in the user table to find the id for that email address.
Then look at the row in the listuser table for the row for that user id and whichever list is being sent to by campaign 3. There is a “modified” column that should be the time that the email address was added to phplist.

Also, can you let me look at your phplist? Send me the url, admin id and password in a private message (click my username to do that).