Autoresponder, cron job, and scheduled campaigns autostart

Autoresponder version 2.3.1+20160304
Autoresponder not send a messages automatically :frowning:
What I have:

  1. cronjob every 5 min (I use vesta control panel )

    php /home/user/web/ -m Autoresponder -p process -c /home/user/web/user.sitr/public_html/lists/config/config.php

2 the public subscribers list “autorespondertest”
3 the campaigns: ar1, ar2, ar3 as drafts
4 the autoresponders: ar1, ar2, ar3 linking with campaigns and with a subscriber list
5 the new subscriber via subscribe page
6 activation letter - OK
7 welcome letter - OK
8 after 15 min I see:

by manually pressing “process the queue” - all messages successfully send to the subscriber but not automatically.
I change in config.php define(‘MANUALLY_PROCESS_BOUNCES’, 1); on define(‘MANUALLY_PROCESS_BOUNCES’, 0); - nothing
my cron email me: phpList version 3.2.4 © 2000-2016 phpList Ltd,
no campaigns submitted
How to send the autoreponders automatically by shedule?

where is trouble?

@AlexT Did you read the documentation on the plugin, particularly “how it works”