Autopilot sending of messages to the subscribers

Hi guys

I am new to this forum, its a pleasure.

I wanted to have my list of articles sent to members of my newsletter list on auto plot without re sending to the same people when I input new members (embarrassing).

Can anybody give me the heads up on how to get that done please?


Ben Ajose

Hi Ben,

Use the Autoresponder plugin to send a “drip” campaign of pre-written messages:

You might interested in this feature request:

If so, let the plugin author know.


Hi, remember phpList will never send the same campaign to the same person twice. You can simply use repeating campaigns. So you set up your campaign to repeat every week, and it will be sent to any new subscribers in that week. You will need a cron job or remote queue processing set up in order for that to work :smile:

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You want to use requeue not repeat. The former will simply resubmit the campaign and so will be sent only to new subscribers, the latter will create a new campaign with the same content that will be sent to all list subscribers.

The requeue frequency can be one hour, day, or week, whereas the autoresponder plugin provides much more flexibility. It uses the time since the subscriber joined the list to decide whether to send.

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mmm, good point. Is our documentation on this correct do you think?

(In the sense that if I wrote it I may have done it wrong!)

Hi! Is is it possible to use this system to send a mail as a year course? As a daily lesson for the whole year? What should I do? Please help me, I use the german version of phplist and I am also confused with names (possible to change my phplist to english? As I would do more understand?) Thanks in advice!