Automatic updater problems

Since implementation of the automatic updater (nifty!), I’m encountering a problem with the backup process. I suspect it might be because I installed PHPlist on a subdomain, but am at a loss.

If I don’t ask for a backup, the process goes through without a glitch. But if I do, I always get an error telling me to choose a directory outside of root.

If I change the path to make it a complete path, I get:

Could not create back up of phpList directory. Please make sure that the argument is valid or is writable and try again without reloading the page.

Since I’m totally stuck there, I end up clicking the browser back arrow and the process continues as if no backup had been asked and finishes fine.

Any clue?


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@NatPHP Back up cannot be created because the specified path is not valid or because of permissions issue. Anyway, this is a back up of the software only (not database) and it’s safe to continue without back up. But If you cannot set a valid backup location and if you have made customisation to the code, I would suggest copying the lists directory somewhere out the web root.

Thanks @xheni. That’s what I’ve been doing. But at least knowing that it’s only backing up the software is good to know.

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