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Automate birthday emails

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I would like to know if there is a plugin or some function within phplist to send automated emails on subscribers’ birthdays.

Thank you


Not that I’m aware of, however you could store the birthday in a standard format as a subscriber attribute, and then it should be simple for a plugin to compare the date to today.

The Segment plugin can almost do this – if it had the option to select “today” as a date (as a comparison value) then I believe it would work. @duncanc Thoughts?


@samtuke @vomfelsen The Segment plugin could possibly be enhanced to select subscribers whose attribute value matches in some way the current date.
But there are some practical issues

The type of attribute.
If it is a date attribute then I suspect people might not be keen entering their date of birth. It could be a text field holding say just the day and month, but that would need to be in a standard format.

The campaign would need to be processed and re-queued each day, and you would probably want a new campaign for each year because once someone receives the campaign for this year’s birthday, phplist won’t send the campaign again for next year.