Auto Upgrade from 3.5.4 to 3.5.7 did not work, updater stuck + phplist stuck in maintenance mode

I have started an automatic upgrade from 3.5.4 to 3.5.7 but phplist is stuck.

1- first attempt did not work a few days ago : tried to upgrade from 3.5.4 to 3.5.6 did not work. Updater was stuck. I’ve removed the actions.txt file as described in manual.

I have tried to send a campaign but it did not started to send emails. I decided to finish the update process as follow :

2- today I have tried again, auto update from 3.5.4 to 3.5.7 but now updater is locked in the “perform update” stage, with message “Updater is loading” and phplist is in maintenance mode…
in the actions.txt file : {“continue”:false,“step”:10}

What should I do ? simply remove actions.txt , edit the database row “maintencemode” and edit it, changing the value from 1 to 0 ? Something else ?
Thank you for your help.

Fixed :
(I copy/pasted the message sent by the friend who helped me). I was on v 3.5.4 :

I disabled the display of Notice type errors in php-fpm 7.4
the updater made a request which, for some reason, overruled disabling error display
as the request triggered notices (because overloaded constants), the notices were returned instead of the expected Json
and the updater unable to leave, crashed
I solved the pb by adding ~ E_NOTICE for displaying errors
but i think there is a pb in them in the code, errors should not show
their debug mode displays errors, maybe that’s what caused the pb …

Now I am on v 3.5.7 and everything works fine.

Hope this helps

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