Attributes Not Loading

I’m running a survey study where I have people that I send a different survey to people once per week. I had a URL attribute and each time I loaded the list it had a new URL.

Today, for some reason the URL attribute wouldn’t override and replace the old URL with the new URL in the list. I deleted the URL attribute in phplist and tried to reload it but it won’t recognize the field. I renamed it in the tab delimited file but it still won’t recognize it.

Please advise.

Check the database to see what the Attribute table is named there. Deleting the old one may have confused things.

I went into the manage attribute menu. Or are you saying to go directly into the database itself?

I meant the database itself. If you have access. The tables are named after the attribute name you gave, with a prefix.

What do you mean by “won’t recognise”? phplist should show the first 50 lines of the import file as a test, does that display as expected?

Which release of phplist are you using, as there was a change in this area in release 3.3.7 to do with the field separator character.

I have 3.3.6.

I loaded up a list of subscribers (i.e., people who agreed to participate in the study). Each email that goes out has a new URL. As I was trying to reload subscribers with a new URL, the database refused to change from the old URL to the new URL. THat is, it refused to overwrite the old data.

So I deleted the old field in the manage attributes menu. Now it won’t even detect there’s a new field. I tried to add it back manually in manage attributes but it still doesn’t work.