Attachment not storing in disk

I’m trying to send email with attachment, if I send a test email, it works, if I send using mailink list, I got an error.


@mgraps You might need to create a directory to hold the attachment file. The default is to use the system temporary directory, which means the attachment may be deleted by the system.

See config_extended.php for an explanation and add the setting to the config.php file.

@duncanc Hi, thanks for your reply.
I had already added these lines to config.php

 //allow user to send attachment
 43 define('ALLOW_ATTACHMENTS', true);
 44 define('FILESYSTEM_ATTACHMENTS', true);
 45 $attachment_repository = '/tmp';

But issue persist

@mgraps You need to create your own directory. The problem with using /tmp is that it can be cleared at any time.