Anybody know how to use domainthrottlemap plugin?

Using phplist 3.3.3

The domainthrottlemap has virtually no information on how to implement this plugin. It installs successfully and then nada. Nothing. The descriptions state: “Provide a grouping of domains for the purpose of domain throttling.”

The Example/Usage states:

“The plugin will need continuous updating to match domains.”

Really? How is that an example of how to use it?

@pancakehollow If you write docs based on your findings I’ll add them to the plugin page.

If you look at the source code for the plugin I think you’ll find an array with domains which should be mapped, which will hopefully be straightforward to change (given that this is a PHP script and not an ideal way to interact with configurations).

I will look into that. I’m still a bit confused about the purpose of the plugin. It would appear that the list of domains input into the php script would somehow be throttled according to the number of emails queued up for that domain?

@pancakehollow I have extended the docs a little; there are also some within the plugin file mentioned. Basically, if you are relying on phpList for throttling messages to domains for deliverability purposes, then this plugin makes the handling of those domains smarter.