Any plans for an official Wordpress plugin?

I tried using the top two Wordpress plugins, Sign Me Up and WP PHPList. I can’t get either of them to work and they have not been tested with the last three versions of Wordpress anyway. I need an ajax solution for my multiple sites and this is kind of a deal breakers.

Are there plans for a Wordpress integration anytime soon?

I’ve been using Mailchimp and Sendinblue for their subscribe forms and then manually importing those lists into PHPList as a workaround.

I’ve been with PHPList for a long time and this is making me sad.

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@quantazelle Good question. Short answer: yes, but not sure when. Long answer: phpList has been transitioning between APIs for some time and the new REST API will be the foundation for a new WordPress plugin. About 6 calls the the new API are currently supported.

Are you a WordPress developer? Are you interested in working on implementing the new API im WordPress, or donating to the project?

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@quantazelle are you still manually importing users from Mailchimp & Sendinblue? Or did you find a better solution?

@samtuke is there any update on this?

I came here to ask this same question, and it’s been 6 months, so I wonder if there’s been any progress…

It looks like the most recently updated wordpress plugin integrating with phplist is Sign Me Up (600 installs, 5 total reviews, last updated 3 years ago).

My biggest issue with this plugin, however, is gdpr compliance. We need the ability to add a field to the subscription form where the user is required to check a checkbox stating that they agree to our Privacy Policy.

Note that (as the above-linked blog post about the “Sign Me Up” plugin points out), this plugin does not support any fields besides the email address field.

Notice that the subscribe page only contains a single field the email address. No additional fields (or “attributes” as phpList calls them) are allowed no email confirmation boxes, or checkboxes for HTML or text. Unfortunately, the AJAX handling code in phpList only allows for the email address. So, in order for the Sign Me Up plugin to work correctly, this restriction needs to be followed

@samtuke is it still the case that the AJAX handling of phplist doesn’t permit passing attributes other than the email address? Is there a way to send the state of the “accept ToS” gdpr checkbox to phplist via AJAX?

If not, is there some way to add a new subscriber (and the contents of their various attributes, including the state of the “I accept the ToS” gdpr checkbox) to phplist via REST in a stable version of phplist?

@maltfield Good question.

I’m not sure about the AJAX restrictions; I imagine that they are for simplicity’s sake and easily extended.

Regarding the API, it still doesn’t yet support attributes. A few weeks ago we at phpList Ltd. quoted a self-hosted user for adding this, but unfortunately the project took a different turn instead, and the attributes weren’t funded. Attribute support will be added, it’s just a case of when. If you are familar with Symfony and Doctrine you could look into this yourself in the repositories.

Out of interest the cost for our staff developers to comprehensively add this functionality to the API (without community PRs), along with various necessary technical plumbing, is approximately $4,500, and 6-8 weeks work. In the next few months we hope to make it easier for people who are so-inclined to co-fund such features, as a means of prioritising and speeding up frequently-requested improvements. Feel free to private message me for details.