An easier install solution?

I was just wondering if I was having these setup problems because it was on a home server (localhost) If i set it up on my godaddy site would the mail sending problems be easier to resolve?

You need a public IP address, and a fully qualified domain name to make it all work properly.

Thank you for taking the trouble to reply I very much appreciate it.
so I am using noip to give me a fixed ip address
Are you saying this wont work? or is not a public ip address?

phplist sends out emails with links in them, and when people click on the link, it needs to ‘touch back’ to the server.
If you are using a dynamic ip address, it would need to go back through the firewall on your router, to the phplist install.

By the way, comcast (a big us internet supplier) does not allow this kind of server, in the USA, for a consumer account. They offer fixed ip addresses, in something called ‘business class’ accounts. You might want to check with whoever your internet supplier is for your home service, and there allowed use. No sense going way into this and then them cancelling your account.

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although its seems fashionable to hate godaddy I might ask them if there is any problem.
But for the cheap seats…
I setup a domain on godaddy and install phplist on the shared server account thingy and it should work ok ? all things considered?

ok so the answer form GD

So more than likely you won’t be able to through the shared hosting account you would need root administrative access which is only available with a Virtual Private Server or dedicated server

"So more than likely " nothing like a definitive answer

it should work, yes. if it’s a shared server, then you are subject to the behaviour of the other tenants… i.e. if they send out spam, then you could be blacklisted due to their activities. I’d give it a try, it’s an inexpensive solution.

"if it’s a shared server, then you are subject to the behaviour of the other tenants… i.e. if they send out spam, then you could be blacklisted due to their activities."
Although itys a shared server others dont have access to my domains. Unless they hack in which I guess anyone could do
Just because I like to win! I might be forced to give it a go

I must be really getting old as I relised that I had already tried to install on godaddy. I encountered the 500 errors and now i think about it tried to reslove them for a couple of hours trolling through google. I think its time to really admit defeat and realize that I am just not up to the task of these types of programs. I suppose I was mislead by the “thousands of installs” I suppose there is no urgency to fix the problems as they really want you to buy there hosting fair enough

Thanks for the time

I’ve done over 100 installs, and they all worked.

I’m going to stick up for the folks at phpList, they offer a hosted solution (by the way, so do I), and they offer open source software. For tech support, there is this forum to ask questions to volunteers (like me, and other very competent people), and you can contract one of us for paid help if you so desire.

It’s not an issue of ‘success or failure’, in that the software system configuration requires expertise in several areas of system administration (unix)… It takes a while to build up the knowledge.

“I’ve done over 100 installs, and they all worked.” I would like to think that the first few were harder than the last few.
Yes it does seem that you have a terrific forum with fast react time Very helpful after you quoted me a price to install I was a little taken back as the last php program install I had done was $25 so I put the job on freelancer and was shocked to see all were over $100. To me that means that even for a proffesional like yourself its not a walk in the park. THIS could be point ed out to the like of thickos like me who “play” maybe “Warning this should only be attempted by trained professionals” :slight_smile: Again thanks for all your free help Graham


Did you get sorted yet? install is free price and you only pay for what you send.


You create an email address for sending and an email address for bounce processing. This takes about 1 minute.
You could use softaculous to install PHP List in just a few more minutes and start sending email.
You could do a manual install and edit the config file yourself and start sending email. This takes about 30 minutes.

The rest is about making things look pretty, adding features, streamlining the process, and integrating it into a website. You can do a little, or you can do a lot.

Did the people on freelancer say how much they would do for the price?
I’m not on freelancer, but I know that $100 is very little for me to stop what I’m doing for an hour (or more) in order to do a small job for a “one-off” client.
Consider that it would include time to get the details and credentials, time to do the job, time to explain the job that I did, time to collect the payment, and time to get back to doing what I was doing.

For what it’s worth, I agree with @NYChris. It’s my opinion that to get the system installed and running decently, you either have to use an automatic installer, or need to have system administration skills such as setting up a database, installing software (creating a directory and unzipping a file), and editing a configuration file.

If the install doesn’t work ‘out of the box’ (perhaps due to the specific server os or configuration), you enter a ‘troubleshooting mode’, which is a more advanced skillset. If this doesn’t work, then comes the call for help.

Although the software is available as open source, and help on the forums here is provided by volunteers, paying for help probably looks expensive compared to ‘free’. As one who offers paid help, I always feel that those that contract my services get much more than what it costs them in terms of service, advice and time.

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Actually, I agree too basically. I think the install is super easy. The difficulty is in running the system, getting mails to the inbox and making good, informative campaigns :smile: