Again on importing

I’ve exported all subscribers from a list (phplist ver. 3.20) and would like to import them into another site (phplist 3.2.3)
I would also like to retain confirmed, blacklisted etc. attributes but it seems that they are skipped from system …
Any idea ?
(I just made an export with all columns flagged)

The best way to do this is to dump your 3.2.0 database, and then import that into your new database. Then all the subscriber info is intact.

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thank you dan for your help

Hi Dan, I have had a number of issues with my current installation of phpList 3.0.12 and am now testing whether the database has been corrupted. I would like to import the current subscriber records via a csv file into a clean installation of 3.2.4, but it looks like there may be some limitations on that. Obviously if we can’t import confirmed and blacklisted status, then csv is not the way to go. However, if I dump the current database and import that into the clean install, will I just move the corrupted database to the new installation?


You would probably want to do a little maintenance on the existing database before you export it. If you can use something like mysqlworkdbech or phpmyadmin, and remove any unused records, re-index, etc. then do the data dump.

Then create the new database, database user, and user priveledges, import the dumped database into a new database. That way you have a replica of the original one, based on your cleaned old versrion. Point to the v 3.2.4 config file to the new database. If it needs any conversion, then let it go a head and do that. If all goes well, it should work, with all of your subscribers, bounces, etc. in the 3.2.4 system.

If this doesn’t work, make a clean, empty (no tables) database, and point phpList to it (using the config.php file), the first time you log in, it will create a new set of tables, with default settings. Then you can import your lists and start configuring any settings to match your old system.


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