Advanced Statistics no longer working…

The Advanced Statistics plugin stopped working after my last update to 3.5.1. I have tried turning the plugin off and then back on again to no avail.

Curiously, the last campaign it listed is still at the very top of the page highlighted in yellow.

Has anyone else experienced this? Can this be resolved/fixed.

Thanks in advance!!

@nathanlangvoiceactor what you have highlighted is the list name, not a campaign. I guess that you have selected that list on the Lists tab, and there have not been any campaigns sent to that list.

Hello Duncan. A few days previous, there was a full list of about 12 campaigns that showed up in the Campaigns area on the bottom. I could click through to see more than five on the page. At one time each campaign on this tab showed Opens, Unopened, Clicks etc. It works extremely well!

Now there is no information to be found, yet it shows an old campaign at the top and no information. So, I’m not sure why they disappeared.

@nathanlangvoiceactor please see my previous reply. Look on the Lists tab.

Edit: I now understand what you where saying:

I need to scroll over to the Lists tab and click on a Campaign


Thanks so much, and sorry for the idiocy.

Much obliged!