Administrators can only access data if marked as superusers

I have been testing with phpList v 3.3.1 and I am now ready to add other administrators and open up the app for wider use.

I have been using an administrator account with the “Superuser” checkbox and all privileges.

When I add other administrators, the privilege checkboxes seem to limit the functions they can access, but none of the existing data on subscribers, lists, campaigns or statistics appears unless I check the “Superuser” option for those administrators, which seems to defeat the intent of the settings.

Fwiw, I updated from 3.0.12 to 3.2.7 to 3.3.0 before getting to 3.3.1 where I have spent the most time.

Am I missing something very basic?


Hi @tdgjrb, happy to hear phpList is working out for you.

Non superusers have their own lists and campaigns which are private from other non superusers. phpList was designed this way; only superusers can see all subscribers and lists.

Thanks Sam!

I certainly missed that.

Which leads me to the next questions (to which RTFM is an acceptable answer).

  1. Is there a way to change the ownership of a superuser list to a non-superuser administrator?

  2. Do all non-superusers share the other lists or is each list private to each administrator?

  3. If each administrator has its own lists, is there a way to share lists between administrators with different privileges?

Thanks for enlightening me.


  1. You can do this by going into the database, and changing the owner of the list to an administrator.
  2. Each non-superusers can only see their lists.
  3. No

No need to do that. You can change the owner of a list on the Edit List page.

Duncan, Dan and Sam,

Thanks for throwing some light to the ignorant.

This isn’t how I would have designed it, but I now understand and can work within phpList security model.


Hi, I have also raised this issue a couple of times - in particular with DuncanC - as the use of segments is really great with large subscriber lists. I cannot justify giving SuperAdmin access to all users as giving everyone access to system config setting would simply not be acceptable to our auditors at the council.

I have also suggested an alternative which would be to allow the tick boxes to appy to SuperAdmin users too - but as yet the only response has been phplist doesn’t do that.
The ability to do this would allow the system/config option to be hidden even though they have been given SuperAdmin privileges. Other customisable restricted privileges like ‘Manage Plugins’ would be useful too.

Please can someone relook into why a solution to this problem cannot be found. .

@Geoff Do you know if this is already a feature request on the issue tracker? If not, please add it, so we can track its progress there.

Phplist took a giant leap forward with the multiple content plugin and a step back when the old Administrative levels were removed. I have to to do ten times the work now as the superAdmin because I cannot allow the other Admins access to the program as I would like. Unfortunately, I am terrible at writing code or I would look at an Admin plugin with multiple levels and access rights. When I gave a couple of regular Admins super status because I was going on vacation, they actually downloaded the entire list of emails because they wanted to see who was on other lists. Needless to say, I no longer give anyone access to the main list or super status.