Admin privileges "manage subscribers"

Hello! Sorry my bad english.
I need that admin can only modify subscribers of their own list. Now, the only privilege I can manage is to configure the admin to “Manage Subscribers”. Whit this permission the admin can move or copy subscribers from their own list to any list …
I would like to have the option of making the admini can only manage their own list, not all.
I did not find any add-on or option in the database to change this behavior.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @cweidmann and welcome to the phpList forum!

If you create a sub-admin account and log in as that account then they should be only able to view and change their own lists and subscribers. If they can do more that that then they are probably a ‘super administrator’ or regular admin, which allows them to view and edit all lists.

See also this old documentation:

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