Admin pages extremely slow on v.3.5.9


I have installed phplist on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux server and the admin pages are horribly slow, we can’t work with that it’s really really slow. From the clients side everything is good, the pages loads real fast and the login page load like in a tenth of a second. And when I say slow I mean like 40 to 60 seconds before loading a page in the admin side of the app. It’s my first setup of phplist, we had an old version running on an old RHEL6 server and we wanted to get up to date on versions so we decided to start anew with a new RHEL7.9 server and the latest version of everything needed for phplist, but we have that problem and I can’t find what’s wrong, my server ressources aren’t the problem,if I check all ressources (CPU, MEM, Disk, etc…) are under 1% of utilization. I’ve read other threads about the admin pages slow, but I think my problem is not the same as the solutions didn’t work / apply.

My setup :

RHEL v.7.9
PHP v.5.4.16
PHPList v.3.5.9
Apache v.2.4.6
MySQL server v.5.7.24 (it’s on another server and I’ve check the ressources there too and nothing seems to be a problem)

Any ideas or a way to pinpoint the problem would be really appreciated.

Thank you very much and have a great day !


@Eric I guess that phplist might be trying to check on the latest version or something similar. Do you have outbound http connections enabled and not blocked by a firewall?

@duncanc Thank you for your answer !

This server is a dev server and it has no access to the internet at all, so is there a way to disable this feature to check for updates and else ?

Thank you and have a great day !

@Eric There are a few places where phplist accesses or - code update, language update, news.

Try defining ALLOW_UPDATER as false in config.php to not check for code updates. Not sure it is easy to disable the others.

@duncanc Thanks again for your quick response. I tried to change my config file to put the ALLOW_UPDATER as false, but it didn’t change anything, the admin side of the site is strill really slow. I asked my telecomm/security team to give access to and on port TCP80 for my server so I’ll wait till then to see if it fixes my issue, I will update this thread when it’ll be done.

The site is now responding really fast, so it was a connection needed to that I asked my security teams to open from my server that fixed everything. I asked them to open all of and com but I will try to narrow it down to only download… to see if it’s the only needed connection for a phplist server to work fine. I’ll post my results here, thank you again to @duncanc for the help on that issue !

@Eric Ah, I thought that the ALLOW_UPDATER config would have disabled that but have realised that is only in the latest release 3.6.0. There was a change to that effect.

You can try installing that version to avoid phplist checking for updates.