Admin page redirecting to site root suddenly

I updated my phplist install today, but now when I try to go to the admin page I just get redirected back to my site root.

PHPlist is installed in /lists on my site.

Upgrade procedure:
I overwrote the existing files for phplist, except the config. Then I put in the config info.
Tried /admin and I get the redirect.

I started a new upload from scratch and the same thing happens.

I’ve also tried setting the pageroot and adminpages variable to no luck.

Any help?

Just a thought, have you got a 404 error redirection in place on your site?

Thanks for the reply.
If I disable forwarding on my error pages, I get a 500 internal server error.

Researching that I have tried a few things still to no avail. Duplicating and renaming the database, changing the db user and password, etc.

A couple weeks ago I did update PHP, but phplist was still working after that update.

Think I caught the error. The update files were uploaded in binary not ascii. Could that be it?

Anything is possible, try re-uploading in Ascii and see if it works again. Best of luck.