Admin Details in "FROM"

using 3.3.1 vs

I have the system set to use the Admin Details “From” upon send; however, now I simply get the default name and email address.

my config is set to:

has something changed to cause this.

It’s not clear what your question is, but you can type in whatever you want in the ‘from’ field when creating a message.

Sorry about that…
Have been using the admin info for years in the From line of messages. As of yesterday, it will only use the default From info.
As of today, it will not sent a test message from the same admins it has been sending From for years.
I suspect it is in the db somewhere.
Where can I locate the problem in the files and or the db

PHP 5.6 (more info) (extensions)5.6.30 (default)-
php list vs 3.3.1
MySQL 55. 7.18

To get direct access to the database, you can go through your cpanel, to phpMyAdmin.

I access the db all the time, so I am aware how to access it.

The question I have is where in the db or if not there where in the assorted files of phplist would I find the admin “From” code to check it something has been corrupted?

I have setup an entirely new instance of phplist, a new db, new initialization, five new subscribers, etc and I cannot get this new instance of phplist to use the admin info on the “From” line either… however, the send test message now works so I know there is corruption somewhere (program or db)…

There are no plugins being used in the new install so I know the plugins in the original installation are not causing it.

I now have the “send test” back working so the only problem is the original… using the logged in Admin’s info in the “From” line in a campaign.

it defaults to the [config] [settings] [campaign settings] [Default for ‘From:’ in a campaign] even though my config file is set as follows define(‘USE_ADMIN_DETAILS_FOR_MESSAGES’, 1);

can you tell me where I can repair or check the code to fix the From line in a campaign so that it uses the logged-in Admin info and not the bloody default.

USE_ADMIN_DETAILS_FOR_MESSAGES seems to apply only for ordinary admins, not super admins. Maybe that is the cause of the confusion?

It is used only in one place, in file admin/send_core.php

You are exactly correct… the admin_details only work with regular admins, not with Super-Admins!
The absence of that small bit of info has had me pulling my hair out.
Thank You

BTW - with the loss of the Admin rights in the core of vs 3?? is there any hope that a plugin will become available with an updated version of the vs 2.?? old setup for Admins?