Adding subscriber to list via Lists tab does not work

What I did in the phpList 3.3.3 admin interface:

  1. Viewed details of a subscriber
  2. Clicked the Lists tab for the subscriber
  3. Checked the checkbox for one of the available lists
  4. Clicked the “Save changes” button
  5. Left the subscriber record
  6. Returned to the subscriber record
  7. Clicked the Lists tab for the subscriber
  8. Confirmed that the checkbox was still checked
  9. Found the list via Subscribers > Subscriber lists
  10. Viewed the list of subscribers for the list

What I expected: Confirm the subscriber was added to the list

What actually happened: The list was unchanged, showing only prior subscribers, not the new one.

I then went back and confirmed again, on the subscriber’s Lists tab, that the checkbox for the list is still checked. It is. So that interface makes it appear as if the subscriber is subscribed to that list, but that is not the case.

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@Crenel84 Interesting catch – thanks for the clear explanation!

Added to mantis as a bug and queued for the next minor release:

I can not replicate this issue. See screenshots included in the Mantis ticket.

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I was not able to replicate it today using a different test subscriber and test list. I added a note in Mantis. This issue can be closed, it may have just been an error on my part.