Adding Attributes after subscription confirmed

I was able to successfully collect 100 new subscribers but … I forgot to add attributes.

I’ve successfully added the new attributes to my subscription page.

But how can I retroactively get those 100 subscribers to fill in the attribute information?


You’re lucky it’s only 100.
Do they all need the same value for the attribute added or is each unique?

They’re going to be unique. It’s First Name, Last Name & zip code. Possibly one more.

Is there a way I can send an email to everyone and ask them to ‘update’ their ‘profile’ or something?


Did you use a subscribe page to get them to sign up? If so you could add the attributes to the page, then get them to fill out their preferences using the preferences placeholders (they are described in the manual and in the info pop-up box just above your editor. You may need to offer some kind of motivating reason, like a prize or free stuff.

Don’t forget, even if all of your subscribers don’t have attributes, you can still use the attribute placeholders, you can do like

Hi [FIRST NAME%%there],

in your campaigns