Adding Administrators [edited]

Next step in tuning my new installation of phplist (3.2.0) …

I’m trying to add new administrator(s) but I can’t find a way to set their password when adding them.
No mail is sent to them and “Forgot password” link does not work.
System can handle lists, send test mails and so on, so I assume everything is fine from that side …
Here is my screenshot: as you can see there’s no way to set a password, either if I set to update it or not.

the process to add an administrator is quite simple. the email is sent properly, now (it was a question of wrong configuration with system account messages, so everything went to SPAM).

The real question is : I’m running phplist under https, but the system puts in mails links starting with http, (new admin token or change password token): that of course leads to a NOT FOUND page on the server.

did they check spam folder

Can you be more specific, what happens, what does not etc.



Thank you Anna for your reply.

I edit my post, maybe you missed that update …

System mails are sent properly (they went directly in spam folders due to a misconfiguration between mydomain and maildomain).

the actual question is how to force the system to create links with https rather than http .

This happens only for system mails. All subscription settings in configuration page are properly set with https.

As alternative I can force Apache to redirect to http pages, but it will be cleaner to handle this on phplist
Thank you