Adding a "new" menu/submenu -- What files get modified!


In testing/modifying phplist, I’d like to have a number of changes to the menu list. I’m looking through the code for the logic areas to change/modify.

I can eventually figure out the codebase, but if you have pointers to save me time, That would work as well!



for example, in the file ./admin/connect.php

the Global array exists::
$GLOBALS[‘pagecategories’] = array(
//# category title => array(
// toplink => page to link top menu to
// pages => pages in this category
‘dashboard’ => array(
‘toplink’=> ‘home’,
‘pages’ => array(),
‘menulinks’ => array(),
‘subscribers’ => array(
‘toplink’ => ‘list’,
‘pages’ => array(

    'menulinks' => array(

is the main/default menuu, and the “menulinks” are the items in the submenu…

However, the items listed in the “pages” don’t actually have a 1-1 assignment to anything (that I can see) within the menu…

I can search the codebase and see the items in different files…



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@tsmith To help others further, your findings could be added to the resources wiki – anyone with an account can add and edit pages. For example: a new wiki page called Menu System.

Regarding your questions, again @michiel may have light to shed.