504 Gateway timeout on web site when campaign running

Hi, I’m using 3.5.0 but have noticed that when I start a campaign, the web site on the domain that hosts the application becomes unresponsive and return 504 timeout error.
The platform is CentOS 6.10, PHP 7.3. The only way I can fix it is to restart the PHP-FPM service but then as soon as I process the queue, it happens again. It looks as though the PHPList background process is consuming all the resources. Is there any way I can avoid this, other than running PHPList on a separate vhost with its own PHP-FPM pool ?

@grindlay You should process the queue using a cron job, which should avoid the problem that you appear to have. Also, check the event log page for any reported problems in sending.

Hi Duncan, thanks for the reply. My log files look okay, they show that the queue is being processed as expected. Is there any documentation on how to run the background process as a cron job ?

@grindlay See the online manual https://www.phplist.org/manual/books/phplist-manual/chapter/sending

Ah ! Always RTFM as they say. I naively assumed that PHPList was using a cron job in the background but now I see that it’s coupling it to the web process, so I can un-couple it by running the cron job in the background. Fantastic, thanks :slight_smile: