3.2.4 won't export - logo just spins

On 1/6/16 we had no problem with our export function, ever since it has not worked. When we first had the issue, we upgraded from 3.2.x to 3.2.4 hoping that replacing the files would cure the problem, no luck.
The message that displays is the same as always:
Processing export, this may take a while. Please wait"
but the logo just keeps spinning
Our PHP version is 5.5.
the url is https://www.mark-a-hydrant.com
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Try exporting a small number/list/segment first and see if that gives a different result



Thanks for the reply. We have tried all different size exports – same results.
We reached out to our hosting company and they said there appeared to be “a mismatch of version in the module PDO and PHP in your server.” They have since “corrected” this issue, to no avail. At this point they have recommended “rebuilding the phpList installation,” unfortunately, that is what we did the day we discovered the export issue. Don’t know if doing it again will help.
Any other thoughts out there?

I would check out the paid support link on phplist.org and get someone like @duncanc to fix this for you.


@jjg825 You can try the Subscribers plugin, which has an export function, https://resources.phplist.com/plugin/subscribers

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Thanks for the suggestion duncan.


Sorry for the long delay in responding.
We did install the Subscribers plugin and no difference.
Any other suggestions.
We have since upgraded to 3.3.1 and same results.