3.2.4 Test Send not received

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I’ve been using phpList for a long, long time… since at least 1.72 anyway, I digress.

I recently designed a new email campaign for a new client, I use ‘Send Test’ to send to 3x of the clients employees to review and NONE of them receive the test? I try all 3 addresses separated by a comma, then each individually?

I have of course added these addresses to a ‘Test’ Subscriber List, so I wonder… why these emails are not being received? I have sent hundreds of test emails in the past to dozens of different email addresses across all type of domains / email clients, and never encountered this problem. I can confirm the client has checked Junk email etc… I’m at a loss?

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Did you get a bounce?

Thanks for replying anna

Time for the stupid question of the day, but can I check bounces for simple test sends? This wasn’t a campaign send, just simply a Draft Campaign > Send Test?

Oh, in which case no. You said that you made a test list so I was confused.

My advise would be to send the campaign fully to the test list and see if it works then.


Ah I can see how I may have confused you. I set up a ‘Test’ list of subscribers, because if they email doesn’t exist then you can’t use that address to send a test. I’ll add the 3x emails to the final list (it’s only a small one 100) and see if there are any bounces reported.

Bit weird that this domain won’t receive any ‘test’ emails though?

Thanks for your help anna.

I dunno about self-hosted but on .com the test function uses a whole other IP address and stuff. Maybe it gets set up separately.

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If you have access to the maillogs on your receiving email server, you can watch the test emails arrive, and view how the server deals with it… It could be that it thinks it’s junk, and your receiving email server rejects the test emails.

The other place to look is in the ‘system’, ‘log of events’… it will show if there is a problem sending the test from the phpList system.

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Many thanks for the advice danwaterloo much appreciated! I checked the mailogs and couldn’t find anything…

Interestingly, I sent this campaign out yesterday, including the 3x emails I used to ‘Send Test’ and all 3x were delivered successfully along with the other 102 addresses.

I’ll look into it a little deeper when time permits, as I’d still like to figure why test sends to this one domain failed.

Thanks again for the support!